Monday, May 29, 2017


Wow, has the time flown by. Since I have been lacking for a few months, I want to break this blog into two sections. What has been going on in Comoros, and about my vacation, and a post dedicated to my library project.
To begin where the last post left off, once the trimester ended I spent vacation going to a National Futbol match against Mauritius, and taking a trip to Uganda and Rwanda. The match was quite an experience, it was exciting to see everyone come together to watch their team play, and being the only Mzungu (Foreigner) in the section it made it that much more special. Following an exciting match, and our team winning, I packed for a trip to the continent. I spent a week traveling around Rwanda and Uganda. During the trip I met fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, Climbed an inactive Volcano, visited the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, Learned how to make Banana Beer, and just basked in the different foods. It was such  an amazing trip, and one I would love to go back to and visit especially the area around the border between Rwanda, Uganda, and DRC, where they have several volcanoes and the famous mountain gorillas. Once my trip had ended I headed back to Comoros, where I lounged around a few more days, prior to school starting back up. Though school was quite a short lived activity, currently since about 2 weeks into starting school, we have been on a strike. While I still am not sure on all the details, from what I understand it has to do with agreements that were not met. But while school has not been happening, I have managed to keep quite busy with many different projects. The biggest one currently is the library/world map project that will be completed soon. Pictures to come in the next post. Besides this project, I have been busy planning for my girls club, which discusses Life Skills and teaches English to young girls from the village. I have also, with the help of an association, been planning for a Week long camp for girls, that will take place in December, but more on that as time gets closer.
Besides those two recently started projects, I have been keeping busy with walking around and visiting people in the village, djoshos (picnics), and planning for other upcoming projects/activities, teaching my English club, visiting around Comoros, and starting Arabic lessons. All in all things are going quite well here and I am managing to do different activities, even with school not in session. Below are pictures from my “spring break vacation”, and some of the activities that I have been partaking in these past few months. In the next post I will post on my library project, from its beginning to its end.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Island Time

Hey All,

Sorry for the long absent, I am still here in Comoros, Time has managed to slip away, so now let me catch you all up with what has happened these past 2 months.

When I last wrote, I was just beginning the 2nd trimester and mainly working on just teaching with my kids, well here we are about a week out from the trimester ending, and quite a bit has occurred since the last post.

So, January brought little teaching, and an unplanned trip to South Africa. Although, the school year started at the beginning of January, due to strikes from both the teachers and students I ended up getting in about 1 day of teaching for each class. Near the end of the month I had to leave for South Africa for two weeks, due to dental problems. Even though being there I was limited to many things, even what I could eat for a few days, I still managed to enjoy some time visiting around Pretoria, as well as meeting fellow volunteers from different posts all over Africa (Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, and Malawi). While none of us were there for anything exciting and fun, it was a good to share stories, and experiences we all have had during our time in service. After two weeks, it was time to return to Comoros, and begin teaching again.

 It was good to be able to come back home start teaching again, and this time I expanded my teaching to adding a class with the Governors’ office of Grande Comore on top of teaching at the Middle school in my village. Not only have I started working on that, but have started planning with my school to build a library, and hopefully soon our plans will go into action and the building will commence. Once it does I will be sending everyone updates on how the project is going. Another project I am keeping busy is working with a local Association for Women’s Development on planning both a club for girls, both from my village and theirs, and a camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). My experience with them has been great, even if sometimes things get lost in translation. My final project that recently began in my village was an English Club, where I work with some other members of the village to teach the community English. 

While these projects have keep me quite busy, I have managed to do some exploring around the island, and visit with both local friends and fellow PCVs. Within the past week some of my fellow PCVs and I organized a trip to Karthala Volcano (one of the largest active volcanoes in the world). It was quite an experience, though a challenge for sure. But after 6 hours we arrived to the top and enjoyed the view. Besides that, trip things have been mellow. On my days in village I do work, and take walks around visiting people and practicing my Shingazidja. Things have started to settle down and become routinized.

However, I do have some exciting things coming up within the next few weeks. Firstly, starting with our school break, where I will be going to Uganda/Rwanda for a mini vacation. After returning from that vacation hopefully I will be busy with the library and finalizing the lesson plans for the Girls of Hambou Club. But for now, things are going well, and I am enjoying my time here. I am looking forward to see what the last trimester of school holds.

Hiking Mouandazaza Crater

Oldeset Mosque in Comoros

Top of Karthala Volcano

Hetsa vs. Mvouni Soccer Match

Hiking up to Karthala

6 hours later made it to the top

Hanging out in my village with these troublemakers

Visiting Nelson Mandela Statue in Pretoria

Some of the PCVs I met during my time in South Africa

She wanted to show me how to make Coconut Rice

1st day back for the Trimester

Meeting with the Women's Development Assocation of Singani

Visiting Karthala Titi

Beach Day 
Bachile Beach

Hiking to get a view of Moroni

Until Next Time.