Monday, August 7, 2017

Library Project

After months of planning, working hard to establish the space, to painting, to putting the books up, finally I can say the Library of Hambou is now open for business. And of course non of this would've been possible without the help of my amazing community members, friends, and students. 

With all that being said, please enjoy pictures of our adventure in creating the Library of Hambou. 

Before Library Space

Before Reading Space

Measuring Windows

Fixing the structure

After tearing down beams 

Cementing time

Leveling the Floor

Finished Leveled Floor

Preparing for painting

Newly installed Windows


Adding some color to the space

Finished Painting

World Map Grid

Cleaning Up

Library Space Clean-Up

Mid-way Library Room

Mid-way Reading Room

Installing Bookshelves

Bookshelves Up

Bonus: Blackboard for the Reading Room

Getting help on the World Map Grid

Sketching Countries

Putting Books Up

Finished World Map

Books all in Place

Reading Room View 

Finished Library Space 

Reading Room View 2 

Opening ceremony 

After about 4 months of hard work the library has now become open to the 5 surrounding villages, and schools.

I want to thank everyone who supported the library in every way, and all those in my community who helped make this become a reality.

Lest's see what possibilities will come from the Library of Hambou.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Wow, has the time flown by. Since I have been lacking for a few months, I want to break this blog into two sections. What has been going on in Comoros, and about my vacation, and a post dedicated to my library project.
To begin where the last post left off, once the trimester ended I spent vacation going to a National Futbol match against Mauritius, and taking a trip to Uganda and Rwanda. The match was quite an experience, it was exciting to see everyone come together to watch their team play, and being the only Mzungu (Foreigner) in the section it made it that much more special. Following an exciting match, and our team winning, I packed for a trip to the continent. I spent a week traveling around Rwanda and Uganda. During the trip I met fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, Climbed an inactive Volcano, visited the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, Learned how to make Banana Beer, and just basked in the different foods. It was such  an amazing trip, and one I would love to go back to and visit especially the area around the border between Rwanda, Uganda, and DRC, where they have several volcanoes and the famous mountain gorillas. Once my trip had ended I headed back to Comoros, where I lounged around a few more days, prior to school starting back up. Though school was quite a short lived activity, currently since about 2 weeks into starting school, we have been on a strike. While I still am not sure on all the details, from what I understand it has to do with agreements that were not met. But while school has not been happening, I have managed to keep quite busy with many different projects. The biggest one currently is the library/world map project that will be completed soon. Pictures to come in the next post. Besides this project, I have been busy planning for my girls club, which discusses Life Skills and teaches English to young girls from the village. I have also, with the help of an association, been planning for a Week long camp for girls, that will take place in December, but more on that as time gets closer.
Besides those two recently started projects, I have been keeping busy with walking around and visiting people in the village, djoshos (picnics), and planning for other upcoming projects/activities, teaching my English club, visiting around Comoros, and starting Arabic lessons. All in all things are going quite well here and I am managing to do different activities, even with school not in session. Below are pictures from my “spring break vacation”, and some of the activities that I have been partaking in these past few months. In the next post I will post on my library project, from its beginning to its end.